27 September 2009

The world I was in made little sense, other than the fact that it was a world where several things were programmed to go wrong for me if I made one wrong move. I'm still not quite sure if I were alive in this world, or if I were just playing a video game, as sometimes I would shift from first and third person. I have the ability to save my progress, and also to restart should something start to go poorly for me. Specifically, I remember being in a town where going to the wrong building or being seen by the wrong people would get me captured. I remember utilizing a wizard at some point who was able to help me (though he was far away from the town).

For a while, I shifted as the sun shifted (quickly and randomly) under a canopy, as I knew no one undesirable could see me in the shade. I planned out what to do to some extent. I recalled previously about getting from the very bottom to the very top of the wizard's cave earlier, which was a feat seldom achieved.

There was a building in the town with three sub 'areas', and I managed to choose the far right one, which seemed to be a haven for vampires. Whether they thought I was a vampire or not, I was allowed in, and realized that I needed to change my form to convince them. I tried to 'give myself' fangs, and it didn't work. I knew that changing myself into a vampire would change my garb and they'd become suspicious. I ended up leaving quickly, but returning to the place many times.

When I got too close to a group of women on horseback, they began pursuing me, so I restarted back at the vampire nest. I needed to get to the wizard, but he was a continent away. I summoned an air balloon, but it seemed to be 'popped'. I then attempted to summon a dragon.

I woke.

More events happened.
All I can conclude is that I'm playing far too much of Scribblenauts and World of Warcraft right now.

01 July 2009


Wow, it's been years since I last posted.
I still have crazy dreams.
Last night, it was an episode of Scrubs. A whole, dreamed-up episode. Complete with comedy and then poignant, semi-sad ending.
I'll be posting new ones again soon, along with an update about my current life, which I think is important.

14 December 2007

**in progress**


Pre-dream thoughts:

The Dream:
I had to perform some skit of sorts for a small audience. Perhaps it was akin to studio theatre? Corey, Jen, some other girl that I don't really remember who it was, or if I even knew her, and I had written a very pitiful script and were selected from the Musical Theatre class (which I was not in).

We were freaking out a little bit, as we had no idea that we had to do the skit.


02 December 2007

I've never seen those two things in the same store before

Forethought: I had this dream Friday night/Saturday morning. I've just been too busy to type it up... alas. but now that Company's over, I have time. Sort of.

Pre-dream thoughts: I remember thinking about Justin Hornback before falling asleep (we'd had a minor conflict I was concerned about earlier that day), but he wasn't in said dream. I remember thinking that I was going to dream about fighting with him before I fell asleep. I was also thinking about Company, of course... But none of that tied into my dream.

The Dream: I was in some sort of theme park, I think. It was a place that has been in dreams before this one, but I am sure it's an entirely fictional place. I don't remember who I was with or why I was there, but I remember meeting up with Mark at some point. He and I haven't been friendly with each other (rather, he hasn't been friendly with me...) since our breakup back in April. Yet, when I saw him, he was amicable enough, and as we walked next to each other, we held hands. His friend Brett was with us, and I think he was accepting of Mark and I 'being together' again.
We hopped on a train of sorts, but I had to yell at Mark to hold off the driver to let me on. We rode on a train, in which seats were arranged in circles, like one of those large inner tubes/rafts at water parks. We went into a store that had baby clothes and things, as I'd said I needed to buy a Christmas present for my nephew. The store was sort of connected to another store, which had Halloween costumes and 'paraphernalia.' Brett, Mark, and I eventually became tired, and napped somewhere or another.

Afterthoughts: While I remembered more of it when I first awoke, I don't know if there were anything else important/meaningful. I've found no sense in this dream, alas and alack. I assume I wish to be accepted, thus why Mark and Brett were friendly towards me... the Christmas present for my less-than-a-year-old nephew might have something today with wanting to strengthen the relationship between myself and my brother. As for the paraphernalia, I'd gather that's from spending so much time at Jen and Erik's...

28 November 2007

and the magnet dog fell apart.

Forethought: Were I not so content on sleeping until 11am this morning, I'd have certainly typed up my dream from last night this morning... I remembered if vividly enough. Still, I was up until around 2:30 or so last night/this morning, spending some very good times with Jen, Erik, and the rest of the lot (Corey and Daniel, though they spent most of their time playing Rock Band).

Pre-dream thoughts: After rehearsal I was quite stressed out... it was Company's fist technical rehearsal, my first night trying to call a show, and a couple of the actors were frustrating due to not being prepared... though the actors were not completely to blame for the roughness of the rehearsal. I had enough roughness on my own on the technical side. However, before my dream, I do not think I had this in mind... I'd spent several hours at Jen and Erik's place, and had a very good time NOT thinking about the show.

It should be said, though, that I had this dream AFTER leaving Jen and Erik's in the morning, driving home to realize I didn't have my keys, driving to Andrew's place of work to borrow his keys, and driving home, taking a shower, and sleeping from 9:30 until 11.

The Dream:
I lived, in this dream, in a house similar to Jen and Erik's... I think I'd decided to become a neighbor of hers. My younger sister was apparently living with me, and I had another roommate who on retrospect I think was Zac Gilbert. In our house, we had a cat... my cat, Zorah. But for some reason, we'd rescued another cat that we'd had for a while now, and neither was allowed outside. Charlie, Erik's cat, seemed to be a frequent visitor to my cats, and they were surely jealous of his ability to be outside often.

Thus, it was a task keeping these cats inside. We had some sort of fenced in porch, and past that we had a huge fence around the entire home, all which seemed for the purpose of keeping said cats inside. Somehow, another cat was adopted by us, and Zac continuously said things like "We don't need any more pets" and "we really should get rid of them."

It was around the time Zac began talking about getting rid of the pets and my saying "We have to keep Zorah, and [insert whatever the second cat's name was] was a stray..." that my little sister (Kaitlyn) announced that we in fact had a dog-- a pug puppy. She claimed we'd had it for 'seven days' by that point, and she hadn't named him yet. She wanted to name it "Bonsley" after 'her friend's daughter' (which is not in existence), but I convinced her to name him "Brutus". the dog proceeded to fall into different pieces randomly, and then re-assemble itself. While it initially looked like your average dog, I think I later accepted that it was made out of magnets. After making this decision, the dog appeared to be constructed as such.

While there was more to the dream than this, I'm sure, it's what I've remembered since waking.

Afterthoughts: While it was not the most interesting of dreams, it was still a bit odd. I can only assume the reason it was set near Jen's place and with Erik's cat is because I had been around both so long the night before. My sister being included might allude somehow to the thought that she'll be up here sooner than I think for school.

25 November 2007

the wal-mart race.

Forethought: The past two nights I've had my laptop prepped for immediate typing once I woke up, so that no details of my dream were forgotten. However, in a depressing turn of events, I've been unable to really remember either of my dreams for either night. Yesterday morning I was quite dejected that I had nothing to post here... then this morning, after going back to sleep (or perhaps just resting my eyes?) I was able to remember some.

So here goes my first dream blog, which I'll tag as a 'mini-dream', since I've remembered it in snippits.

Pre-dream thoughts: n/a. I do not remember thoughts going through my head before bed, but I was up until 3am making cast gifts for the show I'm currently Stage Managing, Company.

The Dream:
-I distinctly being in a grocery store with Brandon Meeks, a member of my cast, a good friend, and a very awesome guy. In said dream, I believe he was having problems with his girlfriend, who is also a good friend of mine, and an extremely awesome person. Brandon was helping me with the contest (mentioned next) I was working on, and I was giving him support about his girlfriend.
-The contest I was in required cooking several things very quickly. It was in the Wal-Mart in Murray, my home town, which is set up 'backwards' from just about every other Wal-Mart there is. Since it's been so long since I've shopped there, and because it was dream world, it was extremely confusing. I mostly remember my mother yelling at me to hurry up and that I'd forgotten the Jell-o. I also remember pulling out a tray to cook the Jell-o in (after I found it in that devil Wal-Mart), but it was frozen with something else in it.
-I distinctly remember a very gross something on my skin. Over my right shoulder was a black patch, and there was mold growing on said patch. I remember feeling diseased.

Afterthoughts: While I've no idea what this dream means, I'm sure it was brought on by 1) my writing a good luck/thank you note to Brandon last night, 2) the fact that I enjoy grocery shopping and cooking, and 3) the fact I'm under so much stress (and the fact that my mom stresses me out more than anything else. Ever.

The black patch... I don't know what that was about. I do remember thinking that I needed to shower once I woke up, so perhaps it was that subconscious thought as I slept.

It wasn't the most interesting dream I'd ever had, but I am glad that I remember more of it as I typed it out than I'd initially thought.

So starts the run of crazy dreams.

23 November 2007


It did not take long for me to realize that my dreams are not what you might call normal. Never is there a dream about simply flying through the air, or falling with no end... Every night my dreams are filled with familiar faces, and often familiar situations with very large twists that someone as sane as I consider myself to would consider very unusual.

This blog is for myself, mostly, and for my dreams. It is my hope that I can log my dreams immediately after I wake up so that I may have record of everything at the height of my memory of them. Also, with the hope of finding out what the dream might have meant, I shall log my thoughts as I lay in bed before dreaming begins.

I wish myself luck, and wish that anyone reading these posts might be entertained.